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Upgrading an old Mac Pro
Posted in: Apple

I currently use a 2008 Mac Pro as my main development machine at home. The old war horse has been the best computer I’ve ever purchased (even better than my beloved Amiga 1200 that I still have in a cupboard). It’s memory was upgraded to 10GBs not long after I bought it and I’ve gradually […]

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Tall Ship on the Thames
Thames Path – Woolwich to Greenwich
Posted in: Travel

For the last year I’ve been regularly walking around London. The river usually plays a part in most walks as I love the Southbank. It’s a great way of walking through London without having to worry about traffic or polution. The Southbank is actually a section of something called the Thames Path which runs from […]

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The iPhone 6. Apple following the crowd
Posted in: Apple, Review

Part of the reason Apple are Apple is because they do not feel the need to follow the crowd. But with the iPhone 6, that’s exactly what they’ve done, followed the recent trend to increase the size of phones. Is that a good thing? Sales will no doubt show it is. But here’s my perspective. […]

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    Paul Hudson

    Paul Hudson

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    I'm a web developer at the University of Hertfordshire who specialises in the application of web-based technologies to support learning and teaching.