Templates – why are so many settings not inherited?

Ok, I’ve been using Domino long enough to know that templates don’t do what you think they should do so I shouldn’t really be surprised.

I had a problem with document locking. Some documents couldn’t be edited because there were some temporary locks being set and my code didn’t unlock them. Okay, my code was at fault, I’d accidentally allowed temporary locks when the administration server was unavailable, but since our servers only get rebooted once a week about 2 in the morning and the documents in question were created during the day, I shouldn’t have been seeing temporary locks.

On further investigation it appears that reason temporary locks were being set was because there was no administration server set in the ACL. This was despite the fact I had set one in the template the database was created from.

I’ve never understood why some features are inherited at creation and others aren’t. If the tick option for document locking is inherited and designed to use the administration server to ensure locking in a cluster, is it wrong of me to think that this should also be inherited from the template?