Odd Notes problems

We all experience issues with all software and Domino / Notes is not immune but it’s really infuriating when two issues strike at once.

We’ve been moving server’s around and my Design (8.02) client stopped replicating. Not in the normal way, an invalid connection document, but one where any replication event caused an immediate NSD. After much hair pulling – and at my age that’s something you want to avoid in case it doesn’t grow back – the only solution appears to be a complete reinstall.

The second more serious issue was that one of our servers lost permissions to it’s own ID file. Although HTTP continued to serve files anything requiring the ID file stopped functioning. A quick chmod solved the problem and all functionality returned. But this is the first live server we’ve run in a Solaris zone and the how zones function is beyond my basic unix skills. Hopefully this is a simple unix configuration issue and not some fundamental problem with domino on solaris (it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve run into solaris issues). One for our Domino admin to sort out tomorrow.