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We’ve just dealt with an issue with a student submission where they had been penalised for not submitting a document that met the specified layout. Only thing is, they had. Their document was a written in Office 2013, but staff are still using Office 2013. The document was 13 pages long in Word 2013. But 17 pages long in Word 2010. On further investigation it turns out that although The Office format is the same between 2013 and 2010, the rendering engine in Office 2013 has been improved. This new version is able to render text more clearly with better letter spacing and kerning. This means in some cases, Office 2013 is able to render extra words on a line. Over a document this leads to a situation where viewing in the earlier versions of Word, the documen’s length is increased and the page breaks added to start new sections…

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Just received an error where I was unable to log in to my Windows account on my VM. The error was “User profile service failed the logon” “User profile cannot be loaded” The solution involves booting to safe mode and switching to a backup of your profile using RegEdit. I found this helpful video takes you through the step

After OSX 10.6.3 was released the sync services between iCal and Entourage went a little screwy. Many calendar entries were flagged as conflicts (usually items with invites) but the sync service wouldn’t allow them to be merged. Since I have several Macs connected into my Exchange account, multiple entries started to appear. The solution was to switch off Entourage’s iCal sync, delete the Entourage calendar from iCal and then re-enable syncing so that a new calendar is created. Although I had fixed my work Mac and my main Mac at home, on my old laptop, I’d been ignoring the conflicts. However, the warning message were starting to get annoying so I decided to re-sync the calendars. However, I forgot to switch of the Exchange/iCal sync option before deleting the calendar from iCal and before I knew it, Entourage synced all deletions to Exchange. I’ve found an easy way to restore all…

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They’ve announed the Windows 7 lineup claiming it offers ‘clear choice for consumers and business’. It appears they haven’t learnt from their mistakes? They claim that the streamlined ‘clear choice’ is a choice between ‘Home Premium’ and ‘Professional’. But reading further they mention that they’ll continue to offer enterprises the Enterprise edition and ‘Home Basic’ for the emerging world. Plus there will also be a ‘Windows Starter Edition’ limited to specific types of hardware. Obviously for the ‘customers who want everything Windows 7 has to offer’, they’ll also be offering Windows 7 Ultimate. So Microsoft’s ‘streamlined’ lineup is: Starter Home Basic Home Premium Professional Enterprise Ultimate Apple with Snow Leopard will be offering a single edition. Why buy a crippled, buggy, tacky OS when you can buy from Apple?