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We’re late to the XPages game and it’s only in the last few weeks I’ve felt confident enough to push XPages into our system’s templates. I only allow new Domino tech to be deployed when I’m confident that the technology works because we run on a very constrained 32-bit Solaris Domino install. I was ready to use XPages on 8.5.2 but we ran into issues pushing out a XPage Single Copy Design to websites. I tried using standard Domino single copy design templates but whenever we updated an XPage we received various errors. So I waited until 8.5.3 as this version was meant to fix our issue with XSCD. Although we can now push our XSCD’s through our templates, unfortunately moving to XSCD has not solved our issue. We are still unable to reliably deploy changes to XPages to all servers in our cluster without receiving the error:   HTTP…

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