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This month I’ve sponsored two projects, Daniel Greaves’ ‘Mr Plastimime‘ and ‘The Library Cafe, Hackney‘. One’s likely to get funding, the other may miss the target. I really liked the concept of Hackney Cafe as it’s very much a community based project. To put an arts cafe in a deprived area like Hackney with an open library and spaces for small arts events is a worthwhile experiment, especially as much needed local services are cut back due to the recession. Sadly, I think this will miss it’s target. ‘Mr Plastimime‘ indulges one of my guilt pleasures, stop motion animation. Something I’ve loved since I was a child and continue to enjoy. The director’s previous short films have been well received, so I’m sure this new film will be as good. There were two other project that almost got funding. The Vamp, a Bluetooth based speaker amp that allows you to…

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