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The amazing Watson playing and beating human competitors at Jeopardy.

Some photos taken at Lotusphere With no mention of Lotus during the conference I thought ‘That’s Not My Name’ by the ‘Ting Tings’ would be appropriate. All the photos have been added to the Flickr ‘Lotusphere 2011 – Official Group’

I was unable to attend this year’s Lotusphere. As a customer and not a beta testing Business Partner, I was hoping to gain an insight into where Lotus’ products, especially Domino, are heading. Although there was some information it wasn’t as detailed as Lotusphere’s sessions. So the day didn’t really fulfil it’s my need. Here’s my impressions for what they’re worth. The good The morning’s keynote sessions were good especially the demo of a slick looking ‘Project Vulcan’. Lotus appear to be close to having a consistent product catalogue with the OneUI being adopted across the product range along with similar design pattern The venue. Wifi that worked. Organisation was generally very good. Sessions being streamed live. Please can we have this for Lotusphere next year? Regular tweets from Lotus staff. The Bad To much focus on collaboration so there was a lot of duplication between sessions. Lack of technical…

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(I meant to post this last week but didn’t get round to it) It’s interesting to read the reaction to the abstract rejections for Lotusphere. I’m sure some of the rejected ideas would make great presentations. But I’m not going to go into the pros and cons of the abstract selection process, that’s been covered by many recent blog entries. After I had my abstract rejected last year, I vowed that I’d blog about my particular area of interest, accessibility. After sitting through numerous XPage presentations, from both IBM and developers, I was concerned with the apparent lack of concern about accessibility issues XPages introduced. I came back vowing that this area was too important to wait for the next Lotusphere and vowed to blog about improving the accessibility of Domino web apps. Guess what, I’ve done nothing about it. Yes, I have many excuses: My SysAdmin won’t allow me…

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My photos from Lotusphere have already been added to the Lotusphere flickr group, ( as p_a_h) but I’ve just uploaded a bunch of Lotusphere related videos to Youtube: Country Music Solos from the Sunday night party Blues Brothers from the Wednesday night party Mustang Sally from Jamfest and documentary evidence if needed of why we turn up to work the following week so tired All videos except ‘Mustang Sally’, were created with the new iMovie ’09. I installed it earlier today and as you can see it’s very easy to use and my first impressions are that it’s a big improvement over ’08. If you’ve a Mac user who plays with video, but not seriously enough to warrant Final Cut, it’s definitely worth upgrading to.

This is the biggie for us web developers. This is the first session on the technology at this year’s Lotusphere. It’s definitely popular, and hence very warm. The session was ran by Maureen Layman and a newbie Maire Kehoe and demonstrtedb(live) many of the new XPage features in Designer 8.5. Maire was clearly nevous but did pretty well. Most of the stuff was basic stuff. I’ve not looked at themes or localisation yet and I wasn’t aware of the server side inline errors (though configuring them didn’t seem to be obvious), so I got something out of the session. Unfortunately, as expected, nothing was mentioned about accessibility. Hopefully by the end of the week, i’ll see some good examples of how developers have used XPages.

Lotusphere online has been available for several days. Although I’ve still not been sent an email informing me that it’s live (just like last year), unlike last year my email and confirmation number work.  A number of features are created using XPage technology and this is the first application I’ve seen that uses this functionality. I’ve mentioned that I’m concerned that XPages will provide Domino designers with tools that they might use that caused them to embed an accessibility time-bomb into their company’s intranets. So I thought I’d take a brief look at how accessible this IBM site is and knocked up a quick video walk through.

I’m a big Led Zeppelin fan and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to their reunion gig. Imagine my joy when boarding my British Airways flight to Orlando to discover a certain Robert Plant on my flight. I’m not the sort of person who normally gets star struck so walked past him as I ventured through Business class to my cattle-class seat. But by the end of the flight I had decided it would have been rude not to thank Robert for the gig. Okay, I might have had to let my bag go around the carousel a number of times so that I could ‘accidentally’ bump into him to thank him, but it was great to meet one of my favourite artists. Lotusphere 2008 was my first Lotusphere and I’m used to academic conferences that can be a bit of drag when you’re not presenting. But after meeting one…

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Most of know what we should be doing, but how many of do so – Best and Worst Practices, Lotusphere 2008