The iPhone 6. Apple following the crowd

Part of the reason Apple are Apple is because they do not feel the need to follow the crowd. But with the iPhone 6, that’s exactly what they’ve done, followed the recent trend to increase the size of phones. Is that a good thing? Sales will no doubt show it is. But here’s my perspective….

Unresponsive iPhone4 button

For the last few months my iPhone’s home button has been unresponsive. ┬áDouble clicking would often take me to the search pane and not the multitask bar. This is getting to be very annoying. I’ve been hoping that the button would hang on until the iPhone 5, next summer, but in the last few weeks…

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie looks like an interesting service that helps people create iPhone apps.It appears to be aimed towards bands, but it’s just been used for ‘Le Web‘ conference. (Supports Twitter, uSteam, Comments, News etc). Via TechCruch