SXSW in Tweets and Facebook status

It’s fine writing a review of something afterwards. But what did I really thing of Austin and SXSW? My SXSW Storified. [View the story “My SXSW 2013” on Storify]

Record Store Day

I wrote a blog article on my music blog about my first visit to a record shop on ‘Record Store Day‘

Kickstarter April

This month I’ve sponsored two projects, Daniel Greaves’ ‘Mr Plastimime‘ and ‘The Library Cafe, Hackney‘. One’s likely to get funding, the other may miss the target. I really liked the concept of Hackney Cafe as it’s very much a community based project. To put an arts cafe in a deprived area like Hackney with an…

I want one

After seeing all the 3D printing stuff at SXSW I want one of these.

US Tour – Leg 3: Austin & SXSW

I love music and I work in web development so SXSW seems like an ideal mix and two years ago I attended SXSW2011 thinking this would be the case. But as I blogged shortly after I returned, SXSW Interactive left a lot to be desired. It has long stopped being a technical event and now…

Kickstarter – March: This Stool Rocks

For March, I’ve funded ‘This Stool Rocks‘. I think in a decade’s time, it may be possible to buy many of the simple plastic products we use now, (products without electronics in them that don’t need fantastic finishes) as 3D artefacts that are printed at home on 3D printers. The technology is really starting to…

Crowd funding

At University I studied Industrial Design. I loved developing solutions to physical problems. In our final year, we all had to develop a big final year project. Unlike many Industrial Design courses, we produced working prototypes, not just pretty renderings and a mockup. Some of the products developed on our course had the potential to…

Beautiful planet

For the last two months I’ve been staring each day at beautiful pictures of our planet. They are published to Twitter from the International Space Station. Current ISS commander Chris Hadfield has been awing his followers with regular photos of the planet as the ISS passes overhead. You can follow him on Twitter

US Tour – Leg 2: Vegas Baby!!

Vegas. Big, loud, tacky and slightly seedy. Not my scene. So why visit? My thinking was simple, on the doorstep is the Grand Canyon. A place I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. Vegas seemed liked a good hub to visit the amazing Canyon. Travelling on my own, I was unsure…