WordPress not Domino

I’ve been heavily using Domino for development for 8 years and though I’ve had many issues with it (anything relating to Java and the Web on Solaris), I’ve found it really easy to build complex web applications.

Although I have a number of Domino servers available to me, work regs mean that I’m not allowed to use them for a personal web presence. So despite having developed blogging facilities that are used within the intranet,  I need to find another blogging solution. After a brief play with some of the alternatives I’ve plumped for good old WordPress hosted on a Mediatemple Grid Service.

For $20 per month (I got it for $17 – after searching for a discount code), I get what appears so far (after two hours of playing) a really comprehensive service, offering php, mysql, and gives me something that I’ve been itching to play with, Rails.

I find it disappointing that not only isn’t there any real options for cheap personal Domino hosting, but that IBM don’t appear to be making any effort at pushing Domino to new developers by making ‘personal’ Domino server available for free. How is Domino meant to compete against the likes of php and developing languages such as Rails?