Designer 8.5 – XPages first impressions…..

…. confusing! I’m sure it will make sense once I start to use it. 

Had a brief look at the 8.5 discussion template and it appears all that all link properties are blank so no effort has been made to generate alternative views when Javascript is unavailable. Bad design. 

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to use XPages in anger. Our learning environment has 22,000 users with 14,000 individuals logging in daily. It’s completely web based – no Notes clients, and with the environment heavily used in teaching, we have to ensure the software is reliable before upgrading. We’ve experienced reliability issues with Domino on Solaris pre X.02/X.52 release so we tend to wait for these releases. We’re also are limited to making big system upgrades to the month of August. So it may even be 2010 before I see 8.5 live on our systems. Let’s hope 8.5 proves to be reliable and we can go sooner.