JMP203 – Getting to know XPages & the new Domino designer

JMP203 – Getting to know XPages & the new Domino designer

This is the biggie for us web developers. This is the first session on the technology at this year’s Lotusphere. It’s definitely popular, and hence very warm.

The session was ran by Maureen Layman and a newbie Maire Kehoe and demonstrtedb(live) many of the new XPage features in Designer 8.5. Maire was clearly nevous but did pretty well.

Most of the stuff was basic stuff. I’ve not looked at themes or localisation yet and I wasn’t aware of the server side inline errors (though configuring them didn’t seem to be obvious), so I got something out of the session.

Unfortunately, as expected, nothing was mentioned about accessibility.

Hopefully by the end of the week, i’ll see some good examples of how developers have used XPages.

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Accessibility is something I will be following up on “after” Lotusphere – in terms of do’s and don’ts as it’s obviously important. AD220 Real world examples of how customers are utilizing XPages (Weds 10am DL S. Hemisphere 1) will show 3 real world examples of XPages in use – if time permits will also show inline server validation – and how. Alternatively find one of us in the dev labs to go through it from monday (Asia 1)

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