Mircosoft continue to shoot themselves in the foot – Windows 7 lineup announced

They’ve announed the Windows 7 lineup claiming it offers ‘clear choice for consumers and business’. It appears they haven’t learnt from their mistakes?

They claim that the streamlined ‘clear choice’ is a choice between ‘Home Premium’ and ‘Professional’.

But reading further they mention that they’ll continue to offer enterprises the Enterprise edition and ‘Home Basic’ for the emerging world. Plus there will also be a ‘Windows Starter Edition’ limited to specific types of hardware.

Obviously for the ‘customers who want everything Windows 7 has to offer’, they’ll also be offering Windows 7 Ultimate.

So Microsoft’s ‘streamlined’ lineup is:

  • Starter
  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

Apple with Snow Leopard will be offering a single edition. Why buy a crippled, buggy, tacky OS when you can buy from Apple?

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  1. Unlike with Vista, I see Win 7 as a good OS from Microsoft again. It follows the original Whistler-Blackcomb line, which Vista was never part of (it was just Longhorn, some bar somewhere in the Whistler-Blackcomb resort in Canada).

    Ultimate is the version you need to buy, the rest is crap. It was the same with Vista. It’s easy to conclude that only Ultimate is a good version, since Windows itself is not very good either, so only the best version of Windows should be good enough.

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