Congratulations to flickr…

Congratulations to flickr…

Flickr is 5 years old today

I’m really glad Flickr has survived and grown from strength to strength.

For me, Flickr is the perfect ‘Web 2.0’ website. It doesn’t throw lots of rotating wait icons all over the place. It only uses dynamic features when they benefit the user and it’s inline editing is implemented perfectly.

Powerful but easy to use – I can’t give it a more glowing review than that.

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Definitely agree with your sentiments.

Flickr is a great website (and community) and works really well, especially when you think about how much data they must be shifting every second.

It is also interesting to note that Flickr is very graceful in how it falls back into accessibility mode. All the features are still there and the layout is essentially the same too. I can imagine that some people setting up a similar site would have ignored certain accessibilty issues (e.g. “We host host photos, so no-one with visual impairments is likely to use our service, so why go to the trouble of supporting these users?”), but it seems that the Flickr team got it right when they looked at accessiblity.

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