Save conflicts and Document Locking

I’ve still got document locking in test. New ‘features’ keep cropping up so I’ve held off running the design update!

The latest issue is that databases with locking enabled are generating email messages warning users when their messages have generated a conflict. So far I’ve been unable to stop these emails.

There are a few comments reporting the same issue on the support forums and there’s an IBM reply stating that it’s been recorded as a bug – but this feature has been around since V6 and it’s still in 7.03 and I’m not sure it is a bug, more a helpful feature without a facility to disable it.

I’d prefer to find a solution to this before I roll this out to our module websites – there are 4000 of them (per year) and they’re heavily used an save conflicts do happen. I suspect cryptic messages to our students about ‘Databases….’ might be confusing.