Our Domino web stats

Our Domino web stats

We’ve just generated our yearly overview stats for our Domino-based Learning Environment. Our Learning Environment is firmly embedded within the University’s learning and teaching so it’s heavily used. Some of the figures are:

Daily Student Logins: 13,000

Daily Staff Logins: 1300

Data Transferred: 14TB

Average Daily Transfer: 46GB

Page Requests: 300,000,000

2008/9 Module Websites: 4000 (over 20,000+ in total)

  • Discussions Topics: 24,000
  • Teaching Resources: 120,000
  • Assignment submissions: 80,000
  • Quizzes attempted: 33,000
  • Wiki Pages: 4000
  • Module-level managed groups: 3000+
    • Group Discussions: 12,000
    • Wiki pages: 4700
    • Shared Files: 13,000
    • Blog Entries: 5400

Student Created & Managed Groups: 1400

We started developing our in house learning environment in 2000. It’s completely web based and the only Notes clients are our development and admin clients. It’s linked into our student record system so modules are automatically created and student registered on them.

Even back in 2000, those ‘in the know’ (i.e. Computer Science lecturers) argued that the technology wouldn’t scale and would be abandoned by IBM. However, we found the technology a good fit for our team’s skill-base which was more ‘learning technologies’ based (i.e. Director, VB etc). I think after nearly 10 years, we can say Domino does scale!


We haven’t moved to 8.5 yet. We learnt the hard way that Domino on Solaris isn’t always stable before the first service release. So I’m looking forward to 8.5.1 just because it might allow us to move to XPages and DAOS. Unfortunately, IBM’s release schedule tends to be incompatible with our terms. They tend to release software after the summer missing our upgrade window.

Yeah, we’re not on 8.5 yet either. DDE is too flakey, and there’s two severe regression crashes with 8.5 server. One we’ve got a hotfix for (it will be in 8.5.1 but not 8.5 FP1), the other they’re investigating.

Either way, 8.5.1 has a bazillion fixes that even 8.5 FP1 doesn’t have, so it might be “the real 8.5” as far as we’re concerned.

It’s about 3200 module sites with students registered and about another 700 pathway point websites. Norman sent round a spreadsheet with the totals of each form type stored on this year’s websites. Many will have been carried across from previous years, but discussions aren’t carried across so this figure relates to only topics started this year.

Can you provide a general description of the Domino server configuration which support the Universities web site, the number and type of servers, server operating systems (looks like Solaris from the above info) use of Domino clusters? use of virtual server? partitions, memory & hard disk configurations?

Also, can you provide any uptime statistics.

The University doesn’t like descriptions of it’s server hardware appearing on the web. But it’s a fairly standard config. Two front-end servers and one back-end backup server, all clustered. All are Solaris-based with disk storage provide by a SAN.

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