‘Computed Text’ disappeared from menus in 8.5.1

‘Computed Text’ disappeared from menus in 8.5.1

With the release of 8.5.1 I thought I’d make the switch. So far I’ve been impressed. I’ve used 8.5 to play with XPages but I’ve not used it as my main development tool, so I’ve haven’t updated existing apps. Today I’ve been updating a 7 app and wanted to add some ‘computed text’ but couldn’t find it under the ‘create’ menu. After much hair pulling and unhelpful ‘help’ files telling me it’s still under ‘create’. I’ve (finally) found that the menus default to ‘simple’ menus and you have to switch on ‘advanced menus’. (‘View‘ -> ‘Advanced menus‘).

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Yup. Went through that myself. This is one of those things that I think should have been on the “What’s New in Designer” welcome page -in 24pt Bold Red.

However, it is but a tiny frustration in the Turkish Delight that is 8.5.1.

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