HTTP Redirect buffer overflow

HTTP Redirect buffer overflow

We use the Domino redirect [url] to direct to users to different web pages.

One of our systems handles the Athens devolved authentication used many by UK Universities to provide access to journal subscriptions to students off-campus.

Athens basically works by a set of redirects and can be used by users either pre journal search or post. If they choose not to pre-authenticate. When a user accesses a journal they’re directed to Athen’s login page. They can then identify their host institution. At this point a series of redirects takes place.

Basically Athens sends a long URL to a Java agent on Domino. This url has a long MD5 session hash and information to pass back to Athens so that it can then direct the user to the correct page on publisher’s website.

We process the hash, validate it and then using a private key create a new hash that includes information about the user such as a unique id number and any permission sets that apply to them.

Today, it stopped working.

A publisher recently restructured their website and this created much longer url hashes. (2200 characters long)

Every time the agent was called from the Athens, Domino generated a http error – ‘Buffer Overflow’.

After some debugging. We identified that the error was generated by the in-built Domino redirect. It appears that there is a 2048 character limit on Java redirects.

The solution is simple to implement. You just need to return url string as part of the header via the http ‘Location’. But it’s odd that Domino will accept 4kb’s long URLs but less for redirects.

Technote: ‘Buffer Overflow Exception’ error using URL redirection with a string longer than 2048

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If I recall there was a limit in a major browser (IE6 I think, might have been 5.5 or Netscape/FF). That it only handled 2048-character URLs, so a 2048 character buffer made sense back in the R5 days.

But I agree, if the general HTTP handles 4k then the redirects should honor that also.

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