LCTY London

LCTY London


I was unable to attend this year’s Lotusphere. As a customer and not a beta testing Business Partner, I was hoping to gain an insight into where Lotus’ products, especially Domino, are heading. Although there was some information it wasn’t as detailed as Lotusphere’s sessions. So the day didn’t really fulfil it’s my need. Here’s my impressions for what they’re worth.

The good

  • The morning’s keynote sessions were good especially the demo of a slick looking ‘Project Vulcan’.
  • Lotus appear to be close to having a consistent product catalogue with the OneUI being adopted across the product range along with similar design pattern
  • The venue.
  • Wifi that worked.
  • Organisation was generally very good.
  • Sessions being streamed live. Please can we have this for Lotusphere next year?
  • Regular tweets from Lotus staff.

St Paul's

The Bad

  • To much focus on collaboration so there was a lot of duplication between sessions.
  • Lack of technical briefing on where technologies are heading, such as the IBM led Domino and Designer sessions they hold at Lotusphere.
  • The labs could be improved
  • Lack of experts on hand. (I guess I’ve been spoilt by Lotusphere)
  • Chris Crummey expecting us Brits to ‘woop’.
  • Too many ‘suits’. In my opinion, Lotus has an image problem. We need to attract good graduates to use Lotus tech. Any good undergrad attending the day would have ran a mile straight into the arms of companies such as Google.
  • iPads. I can’t have one for another month so stop tempting me.

The Excellent

  • Chris Crummey was excellent. Very enthusiastic about Lotus tech and he demoed  a very slick looking Project Vulcan
  • Brian Cox’s closing session. A very good and passionate speaker.

Brian Cox

How could it be improved next year?

  • More parallel sessions
  • Selected ‘best of’ sessions from development strands of Lotusphere
  • Move the date closer to Lotusphere.