RTMP Streaming Fix for Real Helix 14

We’ve just upgraded one of our Helix servers to the latest version (V14). The latest update includes support for streaming H264 video to Flash players via RTMP as well as the bonus of streaming to iPhones. Unfortunately the latest Flash player update breaks RTMP streaming. After much head scratching, I finally gave in and contacted Real who provided a quick fix.

To re-enable Flash streaming add the following lines to your rmserver.cfg

<list Name="RTMP">
<list Name="Scheme2>
<list Name="Versions">
<var v1="0x80000702"/>


  1. ahmedi says:

    Can’t start the server back up if I add these. v14 on 2008.

  2. Paul says:

    I believe the latest version fixes this problem anyway – or at least it does on Solaris. So it’s worth checking that you’re using the latest version and remove the lines

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