Fixing my WordPress blog

Fixing my WordPress blog

My blog’s been unavailable for most of the day due to a problem. The blog is hosted on MediaTemple. I was playing with their ‘1 click’ install of Drupal and because it wouldn’t install I tried changing various database passwords (I know poke and hope) to complete the process, updating my password in the wp-config.php files on this site and on my Gig blog. The site was working fine last night, but this morning, this site was returning a blank page with no html content.

I tried a number of updates various sites recommended but nothing worked. Eventually I tried disabling lines in wp-config starting with

define('WP_CACHE', true)

changing it to false.

After this the blog started to work. After deleting the cache files, uninstalling the WP Super Cache and reinstalling them, everything appears to be working again. Hopefully it won’t fall over again tonight.

Consider this post a test to see if everything is now working.

Edit: The Tantan Flickr plugin was also broken and could not be started, even if reinstalled. I found a solution on flickr

There is a configuration file that runs as part of the activation process.

FILE: tantan-flickr/flickr/class-admin.php

You need to change the ‘add_action to register_activation_hook’ function:.

add_action('admin_menu', array(&$this, 'addhooks'));
//add_action('activate_tantan-flickr/flickr.php', array(&$this, 'activate'));
register_activation_hook(__FILE__, array(&$this, 'activate'));
//add_action('deactivate_tantan-flickr/flickr.php', array(&$this, 'deactivate'));
register_deactivation_hook(__FILE__, array(&$this, 'deactivate'));
add_action('load-upload.php', array(&$this, 'addPhotosTab'));


Sorry to hear about the issues with the 1-click, and thanks for the information. Articles like this are what help us see what is going on, and show us what we need to fix. Please feel free to let us know how things went over the weekend.

The Drupal install went fine up to the point where it asked to connect to the database. At first it wouldn’t accept my username for MySQL database. So I changed them, which seemed to have a knock on effect to this blog but not my other blog. But even when I did get it to connect it said that my SQL database didn’t support something (sorry I can’t remember) and failed. In then end I selected the ‘SQLLite’ option and the install completed successfully.

I didn’t report it, because I felt it was an application error rather than an MT error and I feel that’s my responsibility to fix not yours.


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