DAOS – Does LZ1 compression apply to web uploads?

DAOS – Does LZ1 compression apply to web uploads?

We’re in the process of planning our move to DAOS and we’re confused about whether or not to use LZ1 compression. I’m wondering if anyone can help clarify how compression works for web content.

In our environment, we have no Notes clients, everything is web-based. All the recommendations I’ve read say that we should switch on LZ1 compression. However, when we switch on compression for web uploads, our test files appear to be compressed using Huffman and not LZ1. So when we upload an existing file, we end up with two files in the DAOS vault as the compression types are different.

Should this be happening? Or have we missed some obvious configuration option that ensure web uploads are compressed as LZ1?


Thanks for the reply. Technote 1232728 relates to what happens when LZ1 is switched off. It doesn’t mention anything about the format of files uploaded via the web. From out testing, files uploaded via the web are being compressed with Huffman and not LZ1.

There is another technote we found that kind of says that LZ1 isn’t available for attachments submitted via the web, but then has a confusing last paragraph that suggest you enable ‘web compression’.

Did you find out more about this topic.
I have tested today and from what I saw the files are not even compressed with Huffman. I used YTRIA ScanEZ and looked at the $file item and to my surprise it said NONE.
So I am completely confused now

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