Agents ignoring Readers Fields in 8.5.3

Agents ignoring Readers Fields in 8.5.3

We’ve just upgraded a server to 8.5.3. We have an agent that runs as a ‘web user’ but has ‘full admin rights’. The agent basically reads a view with documents that have readers fields and assembles them for display to the user. The agent needs to grab info from a protected database so has ‘full administration rights’. Previously the documents were read with the ‘users’ access permissions. So readers fields were obeyed. Various versions of this code has run this way for 10 years. Under 8.5.3 this is not the case. The readers fields are being ignored. Has anyone else experienced this issue?


If it’s worked this way since (at least) V5, then I’d argue that it wasn’t a bug. If it was a bug. I would have preferred they did not fix it. Unfortunately I now have to review a decade’s worth of code.

I find the combo of running as Web USer AND Full Admin rights a bit weird. Are you sure nothing else has changed?

Are you talking about Full access administration rights. This wasn’t available in R5, so it can’t have worked that way since R5, if that is what you mean.

You are probably right. I just know the code has been working since 2001 with only a small number of changes. It’s not be functionality altered for about 6 of 7 years. (So I guess V6).

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