Moo cards

I usually don’t have much call for business cards. Internally they’re not much use, and I don’t get to many conferences. But it’s always a bit uncomfortable at business conferences when you don’t have cards. So at the last minute I decided to get some for Lotusphere. But rather than having the hassle of sorting cards out through work I decided I this was the excuse I needed to play with, a service that allows you to create personal business cards through their website.  
I have to say I’ve been impressed by their service.  
I started by making standard business cards. As they’re work related I decided to use photos I took around the Uni last summer. Moo makes the job incredibly simple. You can either upload photos or pull them in from a number of external services, including Flickr. So 10 minutes later I had created a dozen different designs and they were heading off to the printers. 

They’re not cheap, but the cards are printed on good quality card and the quality of the photos is pretty decent. Moo also like the ‘little touches’. The box came with a ‘buzzword bingo’ card of stupid phrases that you should try to slip into meetings.  
I was so impressed with the service I had to give their mini moo cards a go. These are half height cards and each card can feature it’s own photo or phrase. Again I decided to use the Flickr import routine. This time selecting random photos from 2011 photo sets of everything from airshows to gigs. This time the cards are designed more as a personal card with twitter and Flickr addresses