Kickstarter – March: This Stool Rocks

For March, I’ve funded ‘This Stool Rocks‘.

I think in a decade’s time, it may be possible to buy many of the simple plastic products we use now, (products without electronics in them that don’t need fantastic finishes) as 3D artefacts that are printed at home on 3D printers. The technology is really starting to advance and I think by the end of the decade they will start to reach consumer prices. This will need companies to think of new business models as their simple manufacturing requirements can be met by home users, or at the very least local ‘printing’ companies.

So I was struck with this project’s concept of sending the design of the model to a manufacturing company, local to the consumer. Who would then cut out the stool’s pieces. I’m not particularly taken by the stool, but I’m interested to see if they can make a success of ‘locally produced’ furniture, a model that we may start to see as companies start to think of the intellectual property not being the physical product but the 3d artefact.