Bid for a gig

Bid for a gig

Is there a band you’d like to see reform? Would you like to see a major band play for a select audience? Then might be the site for you. You say who you would like to see and how much you’re willing to pay and if there are enough people interested owngig will attempt to make it happen.

I know some bands have used this approach, but if can link their site into existing social networking communities such as Last.FM, Facebook, and MySpace, they could be on to a real money spinner.

Somehow I don’t think there’s enough money in the world to change Robert Plant’s mind and join the rest of Led Zeppelin on tour. (I’ll be posting Lotusphere related Plant story later today)


As a gig-goer this is a development that really worries me. Ebay and other auction sites have helped to propogate an atmosphere where cash rich – time poor people can overpay to buy tickets from touts at vastly inflated prices.

There have been many times when I’ve tried to get gig/festival tickets and not been able to get through to the website or phone booking systems because of demand. Not a particular problem until, out of curiosity, I checked out ebay and within 30 minutes hundreds of tickets are for sale (by professional touts) at 2-3x the ticket price. This seems to have led to a general trend for (actual) ticket prices to rise dramatically.

This development is likely to spur that on. It might be great to see your favourite band in a pub round the corner from your house, but when tickets are 500 quid each and the band can make more money doing a tour along these lines it is fairly obvious what will happen.


Neil here from Thanks very much for the post. We’re working on our strategy for social networks at the minute – and you can find us already on Flickr…


And MySpace…

As for the expense, we don’t see anything automatically expensive about the gigs – it’s all about how many fans bid for the concert. It’s more about bringing the private gig to fans that otherwise would be unable to afford it, instead of pricing people out of the regular gig. The more bid, the potentially lower the cost would be.

We’re also really anti-secondary ticketing – we don’t even offer paper tickets and at our first gig, people were asked for photo ID. Anyway, if you have any any other questions, get in contact via the website.

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