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Part of the reason Apple are Apple is because they do not feel the need to follow the crowd. But with the iPhone 6, that’s exactly what they’ve done, followed the recent trend to increase the size of phones. Is that a good thing? Sales will no doubt show it is. But here’s my perspective. I’m a heavy user of my iPhone. I spend a lot of time standing around at gigs and sitting on trains. So I’m always using it for viewing websites and updating Facebook and Twitter. I do use my phone to take photographs. But as I usually have a camera with me, I tend to use it for quick captures and for days when I feel like ‘filter photography’. Last year I lost my iPhone on Old Street. Luckily it was found and returned to me a few days later. But in the few days without…

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For the last few months my iPhone’s home button has been unresponsive.  Double clicking would often take me to the search pane and not the multitask bar. This is getting to be very annoying. I’ve been hoping that the button would hang on until the iPhone 5, next summer, but in the last few weeks it seems to have got worse. So much so, I’d even started to use the assistive technology in the iPhone to by-pass the requirement of using the home button. Doing some research this morning, it appears that the button is a serviceable part that Apple can replace in-store but there were also claims that sometimes the problem is causec by particulates that get into button via the connector port. Blasting air or vacuuming the connector port can fix the problem. Although it sounds ridiculous, blowing very hard into the connector port seems to have fixed it.…

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Mobile Roadie looks like an interesting service that helps people create iPhone apps.It appears to be aimed towards bands, but it’s just been used for ‘Le Web‘ conference. (Supports Twitter, uSteam, Comments, News etc). Via TechCruch